Elevating the Arts through leadership and partnership.

The arts and culture sector is a vital part of Nova Scotia. Cultural expression contributes to the uniqueness of our many communities and the entire province.

As our creative economy continues to grow, ensuring arts and culture activities thrive here is more important than ever. That’s why the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council was created. It plays a key role in promoting arts and culture and enabling the success of creative industries.

The Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council is a partnership between the cultural sector and the government of Nova Scotia designed to foster better understanding and decision-making. The council is made up of 16 members who represent the diverse arts and culture industry throughout Nova Scotia.

As a group, they work together to provide advice and leadership to government through the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage. This includes advising on policies, making recommendations on programs to promote arts and culture and generally representing the sector’s interests and acting as a voice for artists and cultural workers.

The perspectives of those involved daily in arts and culture activities are invaluable to our province. With Council’s insight, government can develop policies that benefit artists and grow the creative economy.