What We Do

The Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council continually gathers input from the province’s many artists and cultural industries. It provides leadership for the sector by helping to develop policy and grow the arts and culture community.

As an advisor for government, the council offers guidance to the Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage on matters related to arts and culture such as the delivery programs, creation of policies and investment in artists and industries.

The ongoing duties of the council include:

  • Advise government on the development of cultural policy
  • Assist with resource management as it relates to cultural development
  • Lead strategy development for a culture strategy
  • Inform through outreach and communication
  • Celebrate and Host artists, arts organizations, and cultural communities (in association with Arts Nova Scotia) at the annual Creative Nova Scotia Awards ceremony
  • Foster greater understanding of the role of culture and the arts in society, in that artistic and cultural expression are fundamental in developing a modern Nova Scotia.



  • Status of the Artist legislation
  • Creative Economy Literature Review
  • Report: Culture: Nova Scotia's Future
  • Awards created: Established Artists and Community Recognition
  • Funding program established: Support4Culture