2020 Call for New Members


Elevating the arts and culture through leadership and partnership.

The Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council

Needs YOU…

The arts and culture sector is a vital part of Nova Scotia. Cultural expression contributes to the uniqueness of our many communities and the entire province. The Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council (CNSLC) is a partnership between the cultural sector and the government of Nova Scotia designed to foster better understanding and decision-making.

The Council is made up of 16 members who represent the diverse arts and culture industry throughout Nova Scotia.  This year we are seeking 4 new council members to join 16 cultural and creative industry leaders representing the Province’s ethnic, cultural and regional diversity.

Your voice, perspective and cultural expertise is needed. If you are a Nova Scotian interested in contributing to efforts to grow and strengthen the culture sector, and to better understand our Nova Scotian identity you are urged to apply to join this dedicated and passionate group of arts and culture leaders.

What is the CNSLC all about:

Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council was created to play a key role in promoting arts and culture and enabling the success of creative industries. As such it:

  • aims to enhance cultural activity through research and consultation, investment, promotion and preservation
  • serves as a consultative body to the Nova Scotia government on matters of cultural policy and cultural sector development
  • in partnership with government, advises and makes recommendations to the Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage on matters important to Nova Scotia’s creative sector
  • a focus of the CNSLC’s current work is to support the implementation of the Culture Action Plan, Nova Scotia’s first culture strategy, a plan that emphasizes the breadth of culture and the rich, diverse communities that contribute so much to it.

The perspectives of those involved daily in arts and culture activities are invaluable to our province. With Council’s insight, government can develop policies that benefit artists and grow the creative economy

The details:

  • members are volunteers and as such there is no honorarium
  • CNSLC meets every 6 weeks from September to June for a full day meeting
  • the June meeting is generally a 2-3 day, out of HRM meeting/conference designed to engage with cultural communities throughout the province
  • members are expected to take an active part in the work the various Council committees that meet outside of the full Council meetings
  • monthly time commitment is 5-10 hours in addition to the regular meeting
  • the Council reimburses its volunteer members for out-of-pocket travel expenses
  • the term is 3 years with a possible re-appointment for a second term

How are members selected:

  • the selection process is guided by the Nominations Committee
  • the committee and Council appoint a selection committee including members of the nominating committee and two community members
  • selection committee recommendations for successful candidates will include applicants who:
    • best demonstrate a range of experience and a balanced perspective,
    • have knowledge and expertise from the arts, the heritage sector, cultural industries and cultural administration.
    • Are representative of the Province’s ethnic, cultural and regional diversity.
    • Can replace some of the membership criteria that are left vacant by the members whose terms have ended

The activities of Council are guided under the authority of the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council Act

For more information visit: https://creative.novascotia.ca/                                                                     

Deadline for applications: March 6, 2020

Please complete an application form and fax, email or mail it together with your résumé and covering letter to:

Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council
Attention: Nominating Committee
PO Box 456 Halifax, NS B3J 2R5
Phone: (902) 424-4378 Fax: (902) 424-0710
E-Mail: cnslc@novascotia.ca Web Site: http://creative.novascotia.ca/

Application forms can be found here: PDFWord