Participating Artists

  1. Jacinte Armstrong and Susanne Chui

Falling Off the Page
Dance, Visual Art, Film

  1.  Dustin Harvey - Secret Theatre

(We) Are Here
Live Video, Projection and Performance

  1. Janice Jackson with Simon Docking

Escape to Freedom
Voice, New Opera, Piano       

  1.  Xara Choral Theatre Ensemble and Nick Bottomley

Choral Theatre and Projection

  1. Ann Denny, Ryan Veltmeyer and John Snow

Chambered Nautilus (Ship of Pearl)
Music, Visual Art

  1.  Bobby Nock

Performance Painting

  1. Veronique MacKenzie, Susan Tooke and Lukas Pearse

Motion Activated: Page 5
Dance, Visual Art, Music

  1. Hangama Amiri

Dialogue Between Nature
Film Projection and Drawing

  1. Susan Malmstrom

The Repository of Wonders: Natural Sciences Annex
Visual Art

  1. William Robinson

Parchetypes (Music Soothes the Beast)
Video and Sound

  1. The Institute of the New Science

When nature wants to, it always wins

  1. Theresa Marshall

The Woven Landscape
Art Installation

  1. Sue Goyette


  1. Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously, emcee

Rap, Hip-Hop Music

  1. 2b theatre company

Artistic Direction