Iain MacLeod is a writer, filmmaker and film educator originally from Pictou County (Piktuk / Siorramachd Phictou). Educated at York University and the Canadian Film Centre, Iain started his career in the Nova Scotia film industry writing and directing short films before transitioning to television where he wrote on CBC's Street Cents, and for six seasons on the Showcase's Trailer Park Boys. Iain has written and directed two feature films, Your Money or Your Wife and You Ruined Our Life, and co-written three others with Deanne Foley, Beat Down, Relative Happiness and Hopeless Romantic as well as story editing multiple projects. He also recently received a Master of Education degree from Mount Saint Vincent University in Lifelong Learning and is the Programs & Outreach Co-ordinator at the Atlantic Filmmakers Co-operative (AFCOOP), working on various film education initiatives, including teaching and mentoring emerging filmmakers. Iain is a Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) learner, which is his heritage language, and has made two short films in the language.

I think every individual and community has the right to tell their own story, and when they do the world is a much better place. This is no less true for Nova Scotia stories, in all their myriad forms, but until all these stories are heard we still have a lot of work to do