Marshall Feit (he/him)

Marshall Feit is the presenter for the Grace Arts Centre and the Festival Director for the Annual TataFest Music Festival, both in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The Grace provides diverse, year-round programming that focuses on bringing meaningful cultural experiences to rural Nova Scotia. The TataFest Music Festival focuses on promoting and investing in emerging and professional musicians from all genres, from hip hop to folk. The festival is an all-ages, alcohol free weekend about not only presenting a diverse set of music, but creating a space that prioritizes community building, creating resources for emerging artists, and pushing the typical boundaries of rural Nova Scotia’s cultural landscape.

Raised across Atlantic Canada, Marshall has done graduate work in American Literature at the University of New Brunswick where he also received his bachelor’s with honours in English. He is the former managing editor of QWERTY magazine, worked as a publicist for New Brunswick publisher Goose Lane Editions, and is currently an editor for Folly House, a rural poetry press based out of North Shore Nova Scotia.

Marshall also sits on the Debut Atlantic board, is a member of the Atlantic Presenters’ Association, and is a co-founder of Eisner/Feit, a collaboration with curator Brandt Eisner that exhibits visual art across Nova Scotia. Eisner/Feit also focuses on presenting drag performances throughout rural Atlantic Canada.

A published author, Marshall continues to write and make music in his own time while dreaming of the cultural future of rural Nova Scotia.