Peggy Tibbo-Cameron

Peggy Tibbo-Cameron

Director of Strategic Planning and Intergovernmental Relations – Nova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage, Halifax

Government representative

Peggy is one of two government representatives who serve on the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council. She has worked for the provincial government in numerous departments for more than 25 years, with a particular focus on developing and maintaining relationships between the public and private sectors. She brings a wealth of experience to the Council and provides information on research, strategic planning, intergovernmental relations and policy.

Throughout her career, Peggy has been a part of several notable government and industry initiatives. She wrote several strategies for the resource sectors including agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism. Peggy developed the operational guidelines for the Tourism Partnership Council. Her work served as a model for the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council's own guidelines. As co-chair of a Federal Provincial Territorial (FPT) Cultural Statistics Working Group, Peggy led the creation of a partnership to enable the delivery of accurate and timely statistical information to the culture sector for the first time ever.

Peggy believes that partnership between the private sector and government in joint decision-making leads to better results. She feels the perspective of the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council has had a positive impact in many areas. In particular, the ongoing strategic advice given to the minister on behalf of the sector has helped improve culture programs and contributed to more effective policies.

I strongly believe in partnerships to enhance decision-making. Working together, government can make informed decisions and the culture sector can implement their ideas effectively and economically.